Anti Virus

Managing your virus protection systems. No matter which methodology or combination of methodologies is best suited to your organisation, to be effective, your anti-virus systems must be properly managed. manageNET's security services offer you key benefits:

Monitoring: Constant monitoring of your anti-virus infrastructure is a vital management factor that maximises your organisations protection. A strict and effective monitoring regime can ensure your anti-virus systems are on-line and up-to-date with the latest signature files and vital vendor security firmware updates.

Reporting: Analysis of the vast amounts of data output from your anti-virus services can greatly assist you in managing your anti-virus preparedness. A comprehensive reporting system can help you quickly determine where your major threats are originating, and offer effective counter-measures to mitigate them before your business is impacted.

manageNET's Anti Virus managed service offers you industry best analysis of your anti-virus infrastructure through our comprehensive monthly reporting and via access to live analysis.

Managed Virus Protection

Virus protection techniques. There are currently two methodologies to protect an organisation from internet originating virus threats, gateway based virus protection, and host based virus protection.

Gateway based virus protection

Stops viruses at your internet gateway. Gateway based virus protection systems provide deep packet inspection at the gateway of your network, examining every packet for known virus signatures. Any packets that are positively detected as infected are dropped, stopping viruses from penetrating your network. Gateway devices can protect all traffic, including HTML (Web browsing), FTP (file transfer) and SMTP (email) traffic streams.

High performance purpose built devices. Gateway anti-virus systems are high end devices hardened and tuned for high performance. They generally subscribe to an up-to-date list of known virus signatures to ensure that all known threats are trapped. Their capabilities also include more complex heuristic processing engines that can detect suspicious activity or traffic patterns. They can be tuned to drop all suspicious packets to offer maximum protection from viruses that have not been formally identified by virus signature subscription services.

Enforced Host-based Virus protection

Protection at each host. Enforced host-based anti-virus systems protect your network by enforcing all hosts on the internal network to have active anti-virus software installed before they are permitted access to un-trusted networks, such as the internet. This technique will prevent spread of malicious virus activity that may be introduced to your network from an internally infected device such as a laptop or infected CD or DVD media.

Enforcing your anti-virus regime. Enforced host-based anti-virus systems allow you to ensure all your organisations computer assets are protected to a standard level, and are enforced to a centralised policy. This policy driven enforcement is generally driven from an edge device that your hosts or client PC’s must communicate through to access the internet. Properly configured, they can manage the distribution of the latest host based signature files to minimise internet traffic generation.

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