The amount of data being stored, administered and protected by organizations is exploding. – and so are costs to manage it. Valuable resources are being diverted to control and administer storage growth. Power and cooling demands are draining budgets. Compliance requirements and SLAs are regularly being overshot. One of the primary reasons for these issues is the continued proliferation of unmanaged, stale or duplicate data.

manageNET provides comprehensive solutions to address these issues. Our archiving solutions allow you to retain data for longer periods, in a space efficient way, while simplifying the ability to search and retrieve files.

Because manageNET's backup services use CommVault we are agble to provide comprehensive archiving solutions readily available for your database, email and file systems.

Archiving can save you valuable SAN storage space and respectively reduce your backup requirements. Just think about the time and money you will save by never having to delete old files or export old emails again, yet you will still have them available at the click of a mouse!


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