Disaster Recovery


Do you know how long it will take to recover your critical virtual machines or their applications? Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) define how quickly you will need to recover. How much downtime can you tolerate in the event of a power outage or disaster. If you're like most companies we speak to, you're not sure you can actually recover within these objectives.

At manageNET We understand that businesses cannot afford the costs associated to simply replicating existing infrastructure. We also understand that DR must be part of the IT strategy for 'C' level management and  often a "mandatory" solution for business continuity for all businesses where IT systems are a mission critical component.

manageNET can provide cost effective ways to keep your business critical applications running, when a disaster occurs. You can be assured for availability of updated business data and critical applications by our innovative ways of secure remote backup, server imaging and data replication services on your own hardware or on infrastructure which is hosted and maintained by us.

mangeNET also offers virtual server based Hosted DR solutions providing more flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Please contact us today to find out how manageNET can help you achieve your company’s business goals, with our Hosted DR Services.

Disaster Recovery is a complicated yet business critical function. manageNET’s DR solutions can ensure all facets of your critical IT infrastructure are protected and recoverable.

Additional to our own ideally suited hosting facility for your DR equipment or virtualised DR server environment, manageNET’s DR solutions are inclusive with many of our managed services offerings. Our managed DR service offerings include:

Peace of mind.
Our services remove your own management burden, allowing you to re-allocate your resources to more effectively run your business.


If you prefer to be pro-active in your approach to mitigating risks rather than re-active in the face of a disaster, then Contact us today to learn how we can help.