Managed Firewall

Hosted Firewall solutions

Why go to the expense and hassle of purchasing, configuring, hosting and maintaining your own firewall infrastructure when manageNET has a ready-to-go service to suit your immediate needs? For a simple monthly price, you can choose from three levels of fully managed and hosted firewall services:

Entry level

Ideal economic choice for full protection of your hosted infrastructure. Protects both virtual and physical servers and hosts.

Mid level

In addition to full protection of your hosted infrastructure, the midrange offering introduces full Highly Available (HA) configuration of your firewall, so even a firewall hardware failure will not stop access to your hosted environment. A must for mission critical applications.

High level

In addition to full protection and HA configuration, the high level offering provides enterprise level performance in both interfaces and processing capability for your high demand applications and services.

If security is important to your organisation then our managed firewall solutions will ensure your infrastructure is protected and monitored at the appropriate level.

Contact us for a comprehensive assesment of your security requirements.