Remote Online Backups

manageNET offers remote online backup services as a hosted online backup service to fully protect your data, enabling you to retrieve and restore files that otherwise would be lost.

Our Eterprise backup service uses CommVault, a leading enterprise and data centre backup software platform, fully managed by manageNET providing complete backups of your virtual or physical server environments to separately managed disk and tape media. More granular protection for your critical applications is also available and can be configured to your precise requirements.

manageNET backup service requires no capital outlay and are available for a set monthly fee, all our backup services are highly configurable and flexible to ensure we meet your precise data requirements.

manageNET also provides a secure cloud backup solution delivering remote backups via our ASIO T4 data centre.

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Why use manageNET

Setting up your own backup infrastructure can be an expensive and difficult to manage exercise, especially if it is remotely hosted.

Cost Effective

The backup service and any application agents requires no capital outlay and are available for a set monthly fee, flexible to meet your data requirements.

Managed Backup

It goes without saying that backup is a critical service. To set up a comprehensive and trusted system can cost large amounts of money, and require expensive specialist technicians to install configure and manage your solution. manageNET of course have a ready-to-go, pay by the month backup solution for your hosted servers. Our datacentre backup service is based on CommVault technology, who offer a broad array of agents to suit most operating systems and database applications. Select from a comprehensive range of backup options to suit your requirements. Take advantage of our economical shared backup service or choose a dedicated tape media and customised rotation policies, off-site storage and tape duplication. Enjoy the flexibility of integrated add on services such as archiving for both mail and file to enhance your users effectiveness and minimise your data usage costs.


CommVault software helps manageNET provide a comprehensive industry leading backup solution and enables our customers to effectively manage data growth, cut costs, and reduce risk by simplifying data management functions through a single platform and architecture.