Wandera Mobile Data Security

Wandera provides security and management of mobile data for global enterprises.
Solutions include mobile threat defense, compliance and data cost management.
Wandera’s pioneering multi-level architecture, on device and in the cloud, offers unrivalled visibility with the industry’s largest mobile dataset.


You can only protect what you can see 

The explosion of billions of mobile devices has created the largest technology footprint for hackers to steal corporate and personal data.

At the same time, the escalation of app creation and video content, together with the adoption of 4G, means the demand for data has grown exponentially.

Businesses are suffering because they cannot protect, predict or control mobile data. Wandera helps enterprises prevent threats, enforce policy, all while reducing mobile data usage. 

The Wandera Advantage

Unrivaled visibility into mobile data

Powerful Control & Easy Management with Wandera Radar Cloud Service Web Portal

Our unique multi-level architecture, both on device and in the cloud, works in real-time to provide insights into your mobile data that go beyond MDM or other security vendors.

With unrivaled visibility into the mobile data enterprises gain increased knowledge about threats and usage.

As Wandera sits transparently in the path of the web traffic from the browser to mobile applications, enterprises can see granular mobile data usage as it happens, and make better security and management decisions.


Cloud analysis of the risks within the data

Wandera has the industry’s largest mobile dataset with billions of mobile data inputs collected daily.

These are analyzed in real time using machine learning by SmartWire, our cloud intelligence engine.

Because we analyze more data, we intelligently understand usage and prevent more threats.

Cloud Intelligence from SmartWire

Billions of daily mobile data inputs are collected through our multi-level architecture and analyzed in real time by SmartWire, our cloud intelligence engine.

SmartWire utilizes non-signature detection techniques and automated machine-learning to dynamically generate fine-grained heuristic parameters that build up a detailed view of each mobile data request and the associated security risk.

Beyond inspecting the content, SmartWire studies the apps making each request, and maintains a reputation for each app.

When you analyze more data, you intelligently prevent more threats.


Powerful, flexible, real-time policy controls

The true strength of the architecture is the ability for administrators to take action using automated policy controls, including alerts, filters, blocks, caps, and device quarantining to prevent security threats, ensure compliance and manage usage

How it Works

Wandera was designed for mobile. Our multi-level architecture provides real-time insights far beyond what’s available today.


Wandera & EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) + MobileIron

Simple Integration from Wandera to EMM
Wandera and EMM together provide a set of end-to-end management capabilities – ranging from simplified device configurations and deployments to real-time threat prevention, data cost management, and policy-based control – that empower the mobile enterprise.
With Mobile Device Management (MDM) at the core, EMM suites focus on device-level management and application enablement, allowing enterprises to unlock the productivity potential that mobility has to offer, while effectively minimizing complexity. 
MDM capabilities include over-the-air device configurations and the ability to push and configure apps with minimal end user engagement.
Once a mobile device is in the hands of an end user, Wandera’s unique multi-level solution works in real-time to provide unrivaled mobile insights and controls. 
Wandera’s Secure Mobile Gateway (SMG) empowers enterprise customers to combat threats, maintain compliance and understand mobile usage trends.
To maximise the value of both suites (SMG and EMM) working together, Wandera has released an integration called EMM Connect. This helps enterprises leverage their existing investment in EMM to facilitate the deployment and management of Wandera.